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what do we do?

well we build boats, pretty fast boats for a very decent budget,
We don't compromise on design,
We have our connections which make us interesting to have boats designed and build by us.

In Europe,
We have a yard with modern facilities,
Connections world-wide fot parts and spares.
So why choose us?

We are determined to build boats that last and win,

Not only now but in the near future also,
Whit a very catchy design that will stand-out in yor or any marina.


please mail us for further information about posebilities and thoughts to your goal,

A winning design.



Please contact me on:


For general inquiries/ offers and other fastsailing related items.
(also for sailinstruction in the Netherlands)

Fastsailing's new webpage

New website, new thoughts, new ideas,

We'll be online soon, in the meantime you can reach us on the above phonenumber.
Email, will be online in the coming month (june 2016)

Please bare with us,
Thank you for your time and pacience,


Patrick Zoethout